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The Northwest New Mexico Arts Council was formed to sponsor and encourage cultural and educational activities in Northwest New Mexico. The Council sponsors cooperative planning, research, fund raising, and public education programs, administers property, and undertakes such other services and programs deemed necessary to encourage participation and appreciation of arts by all citizens in the area. Overall organizational development and growth is a current target of the organization, rather than the current trend of proceeding on a project-by-project basis. Art shows and performances are the present project focus.

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The Northwest New Mexico Arts Council is a supporter and advocate for the visual, literary and performing arts. It will seek to establish and encourage partnerships and collaborations and recognize the diversity of cultures equally to enhance education and sustainability of the arts.


Mort Lord

Juanita Nelson Kevin Bartlett
Congratulations, Juanita Nelson for "Kindred Spirit" and
Kevin Bartlett for "Rodeo 1" NWNMAC Choice and $200 award winner!


Artwalk Photo Gallery

Commemorative Posters for Purchase
$20.00 or $10.00 with membership
Order through Donation and request poster for purchase.
Kennith W. Gordon commemorative poster
2014 High Desert Fine Art
Festival Poster by Betty Reed
2014 Riverfest Fine Arts Show
Poster by Kennith W. Gordon
2013 Riverfest Fine
Arts Show Poster
2012 Poster Karen Ellsworth Poster Michael Bulloch
Poster by Randy Follis Poster by Karen Ellsbury

Poster by Michael Bulloch

Yazzie Richard Mordecki Yazzie
Poster by Sharon Bulloch Poster by Richard Mordecki Poster by Venaya Yazzie

Our grateful THANKS to New Mexico Arts, A Division of the Office of Cultural Affairs, Navajo Traditional Energy Company, Target Stores, Best Buy Stores, ConocoPhillips, Connie Gotsch Foundation, 7211 Foods, Witter Bynner Foundation and City of Farmington.


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