About The Council

Board of Directors

  • President              Flo Trujillo, President
  • Vice President      Karen Ellsbury
  • Treasurer              Michael Bulloch
  • Secretary              Evangelina Mejia-Marquez
  • Honorary Board    Byron Tsabetsaye
  • Honorary Board    Regina Morgan
  • Honorary Board     Venaya Yazzie
  • Honorary Board     A.J. Begay
  • Honorary Board     Donna Hensley
  • Honorary Board     Julie Rason
  • At-Large Member  Jill Tanis, Metropolitan Development Agency
  • At-Large Member  Delbert Anderson, San Juan Jazz Society
  • At-Large Member  Valeria Marquez, Teen Advisor
  • In Memoriam: Thank you, Mort Lord

Standing Committees

Education Arts in Afterschool
  Exhibitions Fine Art Shows and Riverfest
  Main Street Arts and Cultural District
  Fundraising Grants and Membership
  Historian Website and Social Media

A Brief History of the Organization

Initially founded in 1988, the Northwest New Mexico Arts Council was reorganized in 1996. Its mission at that time was expanded to include all of the arts. Board membership was sought to represent this expanded vision and community networking was initiated. At this time the Council is a 501(c)3 organization in good standing with a membership of about 120. It has carried out many arts related activities over the past few years to establish its presence and strengthen the arts in the community. By coordinating resources and expanding opportunity for a number of participating art organizations, the Northwest New Mexico Arts Council is providing a valuable service for this region of New Mexico.