Website Release Form

By contributing written or graphical material to the Northwest New Mexico Arts Council (N.W.N.M.A.C.) the contributor is granting to the N.W.N.M.A.C. the right to use and publish the material for publicity, educational, promotional and non-commercial uses. This right shall constitute a perpetual, non-exclusive license to publish all or part of the contribution in any form and to edit or modify as may be necessary for the purposes of the N.W.N.M.A.C.

This permission includes the right to publish the contributor’s name, biographical information, and likeness. The contributor warrants that he/she owns or controls any copyright in the contribution and has the right to grant this license.

The contributor further agrees to defend, hold harmless and indemnify N.W.N.M.A.C. against any claims of damage or liability by third parties which may result from or be related to the publication by N.W.N.M.A.C. of the contributed material.

Print this form and send it to:
PO Box 2235
Farmington, NM 87499
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