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The Arts Council Database 2020

Northwest New Mexico Artist Spotlight
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Shawn Ahkeah
Shawn L. Ahkeah is a Navajo artisan living in Shiprock, New Mexico. "I have been doing art most of my life but just recently began painting full time. My main medium is Acrylics though I may try other mediums in the future. My main focus of art is the Navajo culture and the landscape of the southwest."  You can email Shawn to purchase this work, PayPal purchase available. Shipping costs will be determined by location.
Danni Andrew instagram/danniandrewartistand
PO Box 111 Flora Vista, NM 87415 facebook/manikmundaze
Danni Andrew is an artist living in the Four Corners area of New Mexico. She is an artist and author. Danni works in oils on canvas and tie-dye. Danni started painting when she was fourteen years old and has taken classes from some of the areas most famous artists learning her skills both in the studio and the classroom. Danni is a realistic artist and loves the Southwestern landscape and art. She brings the beauty and mystique to life on canvas in her pottery on canvas, wildlife, and landscape. Her favorite genre to paint is the southwest landscape, particularly Shiprock. Links to her social media can be found on her website.
Susan Armenta Text or phone: 505-330-1461
Facebook: Susan Armenta Art
Susan Todacheene Armenta is a retired teacher who likes to vary her artistic talents between different media including acrylics, oil, watercolor, stained glass, photography, sculpture, underglazes, gourd art, fused glass, collage and investigating new ideas. She focuses on the southwest, military, old trucks, and rural themes. Her art is also sold at the Chile Pod on Main Street. 
Kami Atcitty Kami Atcitty is a student at Navajo Preparatory School in Farmington. She lives on the Navajo reservation in the Four Corners region. "I’m a new artist and I like to use art to express my indigeneity. I hope you enjoy my work, thank you!"
Cheri Atkinson Cheri Atkinson is the ‘bead queen’ at Three Rivers Art Center (TRAC) in Farmington. She teaches the beading classes offered at the art center and is well known throughout the region for her exquisite beadwork in jewelry and ornaments. 
Matt Bahe Matt Bahe is a very talented local artist - "Art to me is an adventure. There is always something new to learn and keep me interested." Bahe's work can be found at Three Rivers Art Center in Farmington, New Mexico.
Paloma Baron
Paloma is in her twenties and is a lifelong resident of the area. Much of her inspiration derives from art nouveau, art deco, and the alternative subcultures of the 1980s. Contact artist directly to purchase artwork, cash/check, PayPal, Venmo, or Square accepted. Shipping fee determined by destination. Call or email Paloma with questions or for purchase.
Michael Billie Michael Billie is a popular Native American mixed-media artist, working with encaustic. His other love is photography. "Most of the colored wax that I work with I make myself. I also incorporate sandpainting sand, beads and horse hairs into my work. These are materials that are used in ceremonies and other traditional events. I work with both a heat gun and a blowtorch depending on the effect that I’m looking for." His work is on display at The Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe and Weyrich Gallery in Albuquerque.
Michael Bulloch Michael Bulloch is an award-winning artist and was born into an artistic family in Farmington, NM. His mother Sharon Furman Bulloch was a watercolorist and his grandmother Lola Furman was an accomplished New Mexico artist as well as the head of the art department at San Juan College in Farmington. His work can be found in private and public collections across the world.
Joni Casey 505-801-5889 or email: Joni Casey's work is available at Studio 116. To purchase a piece, contact Studio 116 with the artist's name as well as the name of the artwork you are interested in. Contact info to purchase artwork:
Debbie Clay Debbie Clay is an artist from Farmington, New Mexico. Her current works include landscapes featuring the Rocky Mountains, the Great Southwest, scenes from her travel in Europe, and many still life paintings.  This artist offers secured purchase transactions via PayPal, please contact directly to purchase. Visit her website for a look at additional artwork.
Chris Cook Artifact’s Gallery 505-327-2907 Chris is a long time resident of the Four Corners Area. He is a professional artist with a studio at Artifacts Gallery on Main Street in Farmington. His pastel paintings have won numerous awards in local, state and national competitions. Chris is happy to deliver paintings free of charge to collectors in the Four Corners Area.  If shipping is required please add an additional $50 to the purchase price.
Michael Darmody  Michael Darmody earned his Master of Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles before moving out to the Southwest and Farmington. What he learned in theory at CalArts he has witnessed in reality in the Four Corners
Lori Day
Kay Duncan Kay Duncan is a talented local artisan. Her work is on display at TRAC in Farmington. Her submissions for the Spring Virtual Art Walk consist of handmade purse sets in a variety of fabrics. All wallets are RIFD lined for security. 
Don Ellis Don is currently a Professor of Ceramics at San Juan College in Farmington, NM. He has worked in ceramics creating pottery pieces and teaching pottery at colleges and in workshops around the USA and Canada. “A pot is an extension of the person creating it – it becomes a piece of him.” His work is available at Three Rivers Art Center. 
Karen Ellsbury  Studio 116 - Karen Ellsbury Art Gallery Karen Ellsbury, An optimistic soul, Karen expresses herself vividly and dramatically with both representational and abstract paintings and assemblage art ranging from the quirky to the elegant.  Acrylic, latex, and mixed media are her mediums of choice.
Mick Ferrari 505 320-2508 Mick Ferrari started painting in oils after retirement. He helps rancher friends with their cattle and paints from those experiences often depicting the Four Corners area, cowboys and cowgirls, and the western way of life. He also takes commission work.
Ann Fourr email  Ann Fourr's work is on display at Studio 116. To purchase a piece, 
Erin Gilligan Erin Gilligan is a local artisan. Her work can be found at Three Rivers Art Center (TRAC).
Mary Goodnoh Mary Goodnoh is a local artist. 
Timithy L. Gordon Creating visual art that people will enjoy is the goal and passion of this New Mexico native. Tim a self-taught artist. Painting in acrylic and watercolor, sculpturing in various metals & ceramics. His art is also available at Feat of Clay Gallery in Aztec. 
Steve Hanks Steve Hanks is recognized as one of the best watercolor artists today. The detail, color, and realism of Steve Hanks' paintings are unheard of in this difficult medium. A softly worn patterned quilt, the play of light on the thin veil of surf on sand, or the delicate expression of a child—-Steve Hanks captures these patterns of life better than anyone.
Sherrie Hart Van Sickle Sherrie Hart Van Sickle works mainly with watercolor, watercolor collage, and acrylic; but her real passion is watercolor. She likes to work in layers and build up the colors and texture in whatever media she is working with. Her goal is to share the “feel” rather than the details, and sometimes it actually works! Her work is on display at Three Rivers Art Center (TRAC) in Farmington.
Monica Hassett Monica is a retiree now using her hobby of sewing, for over 50 years, to create beautiful and useful fabric art! Contact Monica directly to purchase one of her creations:
Stephanie Hassett Stephanie Hassett is a retiree, now using over 30 years of art experience to create nature-inspired art. She also does custom orders.
Patrick Hazen (505) 402-3603 Patrick Hazen is a landscape photographer based in the Four Corners. Patrick’s pursuit of landscape images has taken him throughout the Western United States. The beauty and artistry of his photographs are born of a unique eye for the ever-changing moods of Nature and a life- long passion for the wilderness. Patrick captures the fleeting moments of breath-taking views, waiting for the right moment when natural lighting enhances the subject. Patrick's work can be found at Studio 116, in historic downtown Farmington.
Rod Hubble Rod Hubble is a well known and celebrated artist that resides in the Farmington area.
Travis Jensen Travis Jensen is a local artist that enjoys jewelry making and watercolor.
Teresa Lynn Johnson Teresa Lynn Johnson has lived in the Four Corners area for over 25 years.  She works in oils and loves painting all subjects to capture beautiful light, but mostly enjoys painting landscapes and animals.
Sue Johnson Sue has worked in fiber, jewelry, pottery, and printmaking for over 30 years. 
Bilson Kee 505-326-7427 Bilson was influenced by family art.  He gets many of his ideas from travels and his imagination.  He obtains his sand from the reservation, riverbeds, and washes.  Although Bilson does not like to enter competitions, he has done many one-man shows of his work. Bilson's work can be found at Wal Art Gallery in Farmington, NM. 
Maria Kompare Maria Kompare is a local artist. Her work can be found throughout galleries and art shows in Farmington. Contact the artist directly to purchase the work displayed here. Each piece is offered matted, not framed. 
Derrick Kosea Derrick Kosea resides just outside of Farmington, NM. He has recently taken on the challenge of landscape photography and enjoys every bit of it, "I want to share my art with everyone and continue to keep learning and growing in my love for photography. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you!" 
Richard Kynast Richard has been working in alternative photographic processes for more than a decade. His artwork has received recognition from the Northwest New Mexico Arts Council, several have been published in The Hand Magazine and others were accepted into national juried art exhibitions. All pieces submitted for this event are discounted up to 50%.
Andrea Landon Andrea Landon is a talented local painter. Her work is on display at Studio 116 in Farmington, New Mexico.
Judy Larson 505 327-7427 Judy's unique approach to her work is through the use of scratchboard--a technique that can render magnificent detail, but one requiring infinite patience. Scratchboard, an old, but little-used medium, consists of a smooth, thin surface of hardened China clay applied to a Masonite-backed artboard.
Dale Latta Dale Latta was making mice out of modeling clay with his Mom when he was two years old. Sixty-five years later, he still loves building clay animals. He prefers surface treatments that don't require glaze and enjoys completing the work with whatever sorts of mixed media he can scare up. His work can be found at Studio 116 in Farmington, New Mexico. 
Thomas McCombe Tomas McCombe is a member of Three  Rivers Art Co-Op where his paintings and drawings are on display. "Mixed media pieces have become my go-to, combining elements of acrylic, ink, colored pencil, pastels, and watercolors within my works. I usually try to balance a bit of fun and mystery to my realistic and serious efforts. The landscape of the Southwest captivates me. I stand in reverence before our canyons, buttes, mountains, trees, and rivers. Perhaps no other formation captivates me like Shiprock, a subject I find endlessly fascinating and fresh each time I attempt to capture it. My artistic style you ask? The funky naturalist!"
Tim Minnick 970-589-4829 Tim Minnick grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and taught himself how to see the world around him as fragments of color and shape. The Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, as well as the abstract expressionist movement motivates his art. The life and work of Vincent Van Gogh deeply impressed Tim as he developed his rich innovative style. He chooses several mediums, including charcoal, pastel, and acrylic. 
Delia Otero Delia Otero's work can be found at Studio 116 in Farmington, New Mexico
Al Nolan Al Nolan is a local artist, talented in many mediums. "I am a self-taught artist living in the Four Corners. I have always loved art and I love doing a variety of different mediums. I also make the frames for my art."
Dorothy Potter Dorothy Potter is a local painter. To purchase her work, simply contact her directly!
Betty Reed Betty Reed is a local artist, talented in a variety of mediums. 
Jennifer Robinson Jennifer is a self-taught mosaic artist residing in Farmington, NM. She's been pursuing her passion since 2012 creating mosaics using glass and natural elements such as turquoise, copper, quartz, hematite, pearls, jasper, peridot, gold, silver, and iron pyrite on recycled, found, and repurposed substrates. Swarovski crystals, vintage rhinestones, glass, found objects, and unique metal embellishments are also featured heavily.
Deanna Rothlisberger Instagram: dpsilverco Facebook: DP Silver Co. Etsy Shop: DP Silver Co. Deanna is a self-taught silversmith, drawing inspiration from traditional southwest jewelry designs with a slightly modern twist. She made her first piece of silver jewelry in February of 2019 after studying articles and watching YouTube videos for 3 months and quickly realized she found a new passion. She loves sharing behind the scenes and doing giveaways on her Instagram account! 
Gilmore Scott My palette of colors are strong, bold and simple. My images and subjects are interpretations of how I view my culture, my Dine (Navajo) heritage. My subjects are the high southwest desert landscapes, traditional basket, our traditional homes known as, "Hogan." I also like to paint geometric designs that our Dine rug weavers are known for. I have also incorporated the open vistas of the plains landscapes. These are just a few subjects which inspire my imagination.
Amanda Segobia Soul in Bloom Art by Amanda Segobia reveals universal energies using acrylic and metallic acrylics. The artworks created express meaning, balance, and mindfulness.  "Each soul is on their own individual path to inner peace and individual expression, what does yours look like? Please take a moment and view mine." 
Kayla Shaggy Kayla Shaggy enjoys making comics and illustrations based on her own experiences and deriving inspiration from her Dine background. Her art style concentrates on bright colors, detailed mark makings, and conveying emotions through art techniques. Kayla is an award-winning and celebrated artist throughout the Four Corners. Visit her website for a deeper look at her creations and to connect with her social media accounts.
Curt Stafford Curt was born in 1946 in Santa Paula, California. In 1949, he moved to Cedar Hill, New Mexico. His parents owned a general store and a small farm. He began drawing as a youth and continued his interest in art during high school. In 2007, after retiring from a long and successful career in the financial sector of a major engineering and construction company, he returned to his art specializing in oil painting. He credits his former Art Instructor, Professor William V. Hatch, for inspiring him to renew his interest in art. Using a digital camera, he visits sites of beautiful scenery where he visually surveys the area to obtain a feel for the terrain that he portrays in his paintings. The results are beautiful scenic works of art that illustrate his unique style and skill with color and composition.
Janis Tafoya Janis Tafoya is an oil painter. Many years ago she had the desire to learn to paint, but the time was not right. She primarily learned with the help of videos and books. "Painting, for me, is emotional therapy.  When I am creating art, I go to my special place, where time stands still, problems are gone, and there is at last peace in life.  My hope for you is that you will experience some of this peace when you view this artwork..."
Bev Taylor 505-327-2907 or 505-320-3003 or Bev Taylor is a local mixed-media artist with a studio in historic downtown Farmington, Artifacts Gallery.  Her interests include calligraphy, acrylic, and watercolor painting, drawing, handmade books, and journals. She loves working with color and texture.  Her goal is to make art every day. 
Marilyn Taylor Marilyn Taylor is a talented painter, her work is on display at Artifacts Gallery in Farmington, NM.
Catherine Thomas-Kemp Catherine is a native New Mexican.   After attending the University of New Mexico with a major in art and anthropology, she later completed a bachelor's degree. She is a self-taught studio jeweler who works with many metals, an array of found objects, and a variety of stones. Enameling is a new passion for her.  Her jewelry is bold, simple, and modern in design, with Brutalist, Art Deco, Modern, and Industrial influences. Her favorite things are her family, her pets, jewelry design and creation, and her Harley Davidson Iron 883 trike. Catherine's work displayed in the Virtual Spring Art Walk is available for purchase, directly from the artist. Additional work can be found at Artifacts Gallery and the Tales of Tomorrow Comic Shop in Farmington, New Mexico.  She currently teaches at San Juan College and University of New Mexico Personal Enrichment Program
Herman Tyler 505 326-7427 Herman was influenced to capture his Visions of Navajo Culture on paper.  While attending high school in Brigham City, Utah, he developed techniques in using oils, acrylics, watercolors, and charcoals. The work of Herman Tyler can be found at Wal Art Gallery in Farmington
Callee Wells Callee Wells is the owner and creator of Star Eyes Studio. She strives to bring joy and beauty into the world through art. She incorporates her eclectic upbringing, growing up in Telluride, living in Central America, and her deep New Mexican roots in each of her pieces. Learn about Callee's unique style and discover more of her work by visiting her website
Karen Willeto 505-716-5790 Karen Willeto has been passionate about Photography since 1975. She earned a BFA(1979) and MA(1983) from Eastern Michigan University. She has been an art and photography teacher at Diné College, since 1981, but soon to retire! She also teaches some photography classes for Encore at San Juan College. 

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